Join the #HackForce - a virtual hackathon to solve one of the biggest problems we face in our time. Europe currently fights serious and sudden challenges due to the current coronavirus crisis, which has created various issues. And emergency situations need an emergency response! We invite everyone, not just developers, but experts, entrepreneurs and professionals in every field to contribute their time and skills to tackle the crisis together.

Be the one with the force, join #HackForce !

HackForce is a virtual hackathon, created as a platform for collaboration for people who want to contribute to solving one of the biggest problems we face in our time. Together, we can develop quick and agile solutions to these extraordinary challenges.

5th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism will be an informative but laid-back two days at the Shanghai Conference Center, featuring 18 speakers from around the world.
Date: 17/03 - 18/03

March 16
14:00 Idea submission open
March 17
10:00 Idea submission deadline
12:00 Team formation deadline & kick-off
March 19
11:00 Last checkpoint
16:00 Final Pitches
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